Husqvarna Group

“We’ve worked with Dynamic on several projects. One that stands out is when we needed a machine to assemble individual parts to create a full assembly, automatically. With no in-house resource, we went to see the Dynamic team, showed them the parts and what we needed to achieve. They created a concept, which we reviewed together then, once its feasibility was agreed, they developed a full blown drawing, which was subsequently agreed upon enabling the project to commence to completion and acceptance.

 They delivered the bespoke solution that not only did the job, but also increased our productivity and reduced overheads.” 

Carl Starkey / Senior Manufacturing Engineer.

Pure Fishing

“We’ve worked with Dynamic Automation on numerous engineering projects. One of the most challenging – and successful – was for our customer, Dyson.

Dyson asked us to provide a digital sleeve for their world-leading vacuum cleaners and hand driers. They required it to have a tolerance of less than 80 microns – the equivalent thickness of a human hair. We developed a successful prototype, but could not automate the equipment to the specifications required to meet the demand of 1-1.5 million a year – producing one every 3 seconds. 

I knew Paul and his team would find the solution – we had the correct equipment but without their contribution we’d have been unable to meet Dyson’s requirements.

With the Dynamic solution in place, we were able to double then triple the original Dyson order. It was a challenging project but I was confident that Dynamic had the skills and expertise to automate the equipment.”

Chris Bond / R&D Director Rod Design.

Faerch Plast

“We work with Dynamic Automation because they have the first class skills and standards that a global business, like Faerch requires.

Dynamic has provided several automation solutions for us and has played a key part in our manufacturing success. As a leading supplier in the global food industry, we are subject to stringent audits and we need to trust our partners. Paul and his team have awareness, experience and skills and always understand exactly what is needed to deliver operational excellence.

On a recent project, we had an issue after the original provider went out of business. Dynamic had a look and came up with a superior solution that more than met our needs.”

Ed Davison / Maintenance & Facilities Manager